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At present, we have to admit there isn’t that much point. As of April 2018, we’re doing exactly the same thing… but for Wisden Cricket Monthly. It’s called Wisden Cricket Weekly and it’s a weekly email… very similar to old Cricket Badger. But, for what it’s worth, here’s our story…

In July 2008, a cricket magazine started sending out an irreverent weekly email. People liked it. It started off with just a handful of subscribers and ended up with over 20,000. The email no longer goes out, so what do you do if you really enjoy Ian Austin references and cricket quotes taken completely out of context?

The answer is sign up for Cricket Badger. It’s exactly the same as the old magazine’s newsletter but comes from a different website and the author’s doing it for love, not money. What’s not to like? Sign up below and rest assured that we will never, ever, EVER share your email address with anyone else. Here’s a sample of an old Cricket Badger, if you need further convincing. You can also find a list of more old Badgers here.

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